Saturday, January 7, 2012

#1/100: Dorien Jonker-Buijs.

I was walking our dog, Balder, in the park near my house this morning. It was incredibly windy and my dog was incredibly energetic. So it was pretty difficult to take photos. I was already on the way back when I saw this lady, Dorien Jonker-Buijs. She asked me if my dog could get along with small puppies. We talked a little bit about her 15-weeks old Okkie. "I walk my dog here almost everyday, before I go to work. It is very important for him that he learns to deal with other dogs. There are a lot of birds, horses, cyclists and people in this park, here he can learn how to socialize." I asked her if I could take a photo of her, and I explained why. She immediately said yes! I love the different shades of red in this photo and I think that this is a great start of the 100-Strangers project!


  1. Wat leuk, veel succes! xx

  2. Geweldig begin en zowel dame als hond staan er prachtig op!

  3. Love the idea of this project, seems amazing to meet all the strangers and to take pictures of them!
    What kind of lens did you use for this one?

  4. Hele mooie foto's, hier zal ze zelf ook wel blij mee zijn! Leuke tekst ook. (:


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